Ultimately, if you’re pregnant, the pregnancy decision is yours. No one can force you to choose an option you feel uncomfortable with. And if you have a partner, it is your choice to tell them your pregnancy news.

Sharing this news with your partner may be beneficial if you have a solid foundation and would like support. But if your partner is abusive, it is best not to share the news immediately and instead seek safety. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline for continual, practical support. You don’t deserve to suffer if your pregnancy news could make a partner more abusive.

I’d Like to Tell Them. What Should I Do?

Telling your partner is a big step, but it may be helpful. Once they recover from initial shock or fear, your partner may be supportive and provide you with the help you need. But sharing this news is often scary and nerve-wracking. 

Choose a time when your partner can provide their undivided attention. You deserve to be heard. If you feel comfortable, you can speak with them at home or choose a more public, neutral location like a restaurant. Your comfort is key here.

Your partner will likely need time to process the news. Though you’re the one who is pregnant, this probably feels new and frightening to them, too. This is natural, and providing them with the necessary space can be beneficial. 

Sometimes, you can attend appointments with your partner. They may even want to consider your options together. But things don’t always go according to plan, but this isn’t a reflection of your character. You are worthy of love and compassion. You deserve support. 

Support is closer than you think. Other loved ones like family and friends can be the right people to turn to. And you always have support from your local pregnancy center. 

EPIC Center Is Here For You

EPIC Center offers hopeful, compassionate support for women facing unplanned pregnancies. No matter your situation, we’re here for you with the nonjudgemental medical services you require. 

We provide no-cost, confidential pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, and practical education. At EPIC Center, you’ll receive the respect and safety you deserve. Contact us to make an appointment at one of our two locations. Remember: We are here for you.