Contemplating if having an abortion is right for you? We can help you understand all your options and provide you with medically backed information to make an informed decision that’s right for you and your life. 

What Should I Know First? 

When contemplating any serious medical procedure, it’s important to speak with a professional about several things:

  • Your options
  • Associated risks
  • Complications you should monitor for
  • Your health history
  • The status of your pregnancy
  • Current medications and treatments

According to the Mayo Clinic, not all types of abortions are recommended for women with certain conditions. Additionally, there may be medications that should be altered or stopped before a procedure to protect your health and wellness. 

What Types of Abortions Are there? 

There are two main types of abortions: 

  • Medical 
  • Surgical 

Medical abortions use a medication regimen to terminate a pregnancy. Surgical abortion uses invasive surgical techniques to remove pregnancy tissue from the uterus manually. 

Usually, the type of procedure chosen can depend on gestational age, health history, and other medical factors. Receiving the proper counseling and education to make an informed decision is important for your health and to move forward confidently.  

What If I’m Being Pressured? 

Ultimately this is your decision, your choice. No one has the right to make this decision for you or should pressure you to have an abortion. If you feel you’re being pressured and unsure of what to do, reach out to us. All appointments are free and completely confidential, and we can help. You will find a welcoming, judgment-free zone where you make the decision and can feel sure and comfortable about your choice. 

What If I’m Unsure? 

It’s okay not to have all the answers; we can help you find the clarity you need while providing you with the support and care you deserve.