The moment you see that positive pregnancy test, your life may feel more disrupted than it’s ever been. There’s a lot to do and think about before you make a pregnancy decision, but you’re likely wondering how to share the news with your partner and family. 

Whether you want to tell your loved ones or are on the fence, remember that this is your pregnancy decision. And while they may feel disappointed, hurt, or even angry that you’re pregnant, setting clear boundaries about this pregnancy can help you feel more in control. 

Figuring out how to share the news can be scary. However, the EPIC Center can support you with no-cost, confidential pregnancy services

Your First Steps

Before you have those conversations with loved ones, it’s best to confirm your pregnancy so you have an idea of your next steps. 

You can confirm a potential pregnancy at EPIC Center with a pregnancy test. You can also receive a limited ultrasound if you have a positive result at our center. 

This scan is performed by an ultrasound technician and determines your pregnancy’s viability (whether it is progressing and has a heartbeat), gestational age (how far along you are), and location. Knowing this information protects your health and gives you insight into your options. 

Once you’ve confirmed your pregnancy, it may also be helpful to review your options before speaking with your parents. Discussing parenting, adoption, and abortion can help you gain a sense of which option you’re leaning toward. 

Having the Conversation

Sharing this news can be a stressful time. Remind yourself that you are fully capable of making a pregnancy decision, but it’s okay to feel nervous or overwhelmed. 

When speaking to loved ones (whether they’re your parents, partner, or someone else), choose a place where you’ll feel comfortable. And try to select a time when your loved ones can give their full attention. 

Try to stay calm and communicate clearly when discussing your pregnancy. And what you choose to share is up to you. Your loved ones may want to help you decide or have strong feelings about your pregnancy. Giving them some time to process this news can help.

Ultimately, these conversations give you an idea of who will be part of your support system. However, remember that we are there for you if you feel alone or overwhelmed. 

No-Cost, Confidential Services

The EPIC Center knows this can be a stressful experience. We’ll help you confirm your pregnancy and learn about your options. 

When you have the facts and the support of caring, nonjudgmental medical professionals, you’re empowered to make the best decision possible.

Contact us today to make an appointment. Remember: we are here for you.