You have multiple options when facing an unintended pregnancy. Most importantly, you have more support than you may realize. But why should you choose EPIC Center for pregnancy services? What sets us apart from the rest?

1. We’re committed to providing compassionate care.

An unintended pregnancy can result from an abusive relationship. Or perhaps you’re struggling financially. You may even still be in high school or college. No matter what you’re facing, you’re likely worried about experiencing judgment and pressure. 

Know that you won’t receive that from us. EPIC Center guarantees a supportive, safe environment for every client. Our services are provided by medical professionals like volunteer nurses and ultrasound technicians, so you receive the very best care. 

Life can be challenging, and you deserve love, hope, and compassion. Our no-cost services are confidential, so be assured that your privacy is valued here.

2. Our pregnancy services will provide the answers you need. 

Confirm your pregnancy at EPIC Center with lab-quality pregnancy testing. You’ll receive the results during your appointment, so there’s no long wait. And with a positive pregnancy test at our center, you’re eligible for a limited ultrasound. 

Limited ultrasounds verify key pregnancy details like viability, pregnancy location, and gestational age. You need this information regardless of your pregnancy decision. These details will help inform you of your options, including whether you’re eligible for abortion, and detect health issues like ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.

3. Receive the education and support required to make a decision.

At a time like this, you need sound advice more than ever. EPIC Center gives you the medically accurate information you deserve. You’ll learn the facts about abortion procedures, including risks and side effects. You’ll receive valuable details about parenting, adoption, and your other pregnancy options. 

If you choose to parent, we’ll discuss the various programs offered at our center. Our “Earn While You Learn” program allows you to earn currency for our Baby Boutique. And our work doesn’t stop there. We also provide parenting classes, peer counseling, and more. We’re here for you. 

Reach Out Today

Contact us today to learn about visiting one of our two locations. EPIC Center knows an unintended pregnancy can be challenging; let us provide the education and resources you deserve.

Remember: we are here for you.